Rehearsal room hire

Please call or text us on 07913006027 / 01634 378974 with your booking enquiry.


Terms & Conditions of use for those hiring Langlei Studios Room 1 or Room 2 for rehearsal.

I/We undertake responsibility as part of this and all ongoing hire agreements with the owners of Langlei Studios, to use all studio equipment and property in a responsible manner, adhering to all protocols and guidelines set out within this document, requested by the owners, or clearly signed on the studio premises.

I/We undertake to familiarise ourselves with the fire safety equipment, notices, alarm call points & assembly point.

I/We understand that any deposits for rehearsal room hire are only refundable at the studio owners discretion. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the booked date will result in the loss of deposit and thus repayable upon the next booking.

I/We accept responsibility to leave the studio clean, tidy and with all lights, heaters and PA equipment turned off.

I/We understand that when hiring the studio for the 6.30pm - 10.30pm rehearsal slot, all vehicles & personnel should be away from the premises by 11.00pm.

I/We accept responsibility to familiarise ourselves & implement all locking up procedures as requested by the owners. 

I/We accept responsibility to keep all doors and windows shut whilst playing is underway.

NOTE : The accepted condition where closing the main entrance door may not be possible, is when a band/person hiring the other room is bringing their equipment in or out.

I/We understand that the consumption alcohol is not permitted on the studio premises. A smoking area is provided for outside the building.

I/We understand that there is a strict No Smoking policy in the studio.

I/We accept responsibility to park in a sensible way in the defined areas and with due consideration for other studio users.

I/We understand that the hiring the studio for rehearsal purposes entitles us to use of the studio building, the driveway to the front of the studio building for parking, and for access only, the paths on the left hand side gated entrance, when viewed from the front of the studio building (road side).

I/We understand that the studio is situated on a private residence and that the hiring of the studio - unless by prior arrangement with either the studio owners or the landowner - in no way entitles its patrons to use of the surrounding grounds, woodland, buildings, paths or driveways.

I/We understand that the studio building, driveway, paths and internal rooms are monitored by a 24/7 Hi resolution alarmed CCTV system which in the event of damage, theft, accident, misuse or other will be used as evidence to resolve any of the aforementioned scenarios.

I/We understand that the studio driveway is used by kind permission of the landowner and vehicles parked or manoeuvring on said driveway is done solely at the vehicle owners risk. As such the studio owners or the landowner is in no way responsible for any occurrence of damage or theft whilst on the premises.

Further notes for customers :

Please take care not to touch, lean  on or mark the acoustic panelling.

Please do not unplug any of the in house PA leads. If you wish to use your own PA please use the entire system.

Please ensure fridge door is shut and kitchen area taps are turned off after use.

Please do not take food or drink (except water) into either rehearsal room.

Please report any faults or problems with equipment, furnishings, fixtures or fittings immediately to the studio owners by telephone : 07957133069 - 07913006027 - 01634378974.


Privacy statement : Information collected here will only be used by the owners of Langlei Studios to contact customers over related services, enquiries & bookings. As such this information will never be shared or distributed to any third parties.


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