Langlei Studios history

Langlei Studios is a family run business that was established in 1991 at the picturesque location of Bredhurst in Kent.  As a converted stable the studio offered a fully soundproof and acoustically treated environment for recording and rehearsals. The original recording studio operated round an analogue Soundcraft 2" tape machine and a Soundtrax CM4400 mixing console.  Over the years the equipment was updated, firstly to ADAT and then to dedicated Hard Disc recording with the Alesis HD24 before finally settling on the computer based DAW Cubase  4.

In 2009 we built another project studio at our Gillingham address.  This Studio was highly equipped with the very latest software from Celemony, Steinberg, Waves, Line 6 & many more.  With comprehensive  full range monitoring from Tannoy & JBL this has been used as our main  Mixing/Mastering studio and is where every issue of Total Guitar magazine's audio is mastered. Rockschool's Version 4 syllabus of drums, bass & guitar was also mixed & mastered here in 2011/12. 

We are very pleased to announce that the original studio in Bredhurst has now undergone a full ground up restoration. This had been planned for a long time and now finished, offers musicians from all over the South East a modern up to date recording and rehearsal facility.

As well as recording, we can now offer two  rehearsal rooms. For the purposes of booking  'Room 1'  has blue acoustic paneling & 'Room 2' has red acoustic paneling. Importantly,  there is also an acoustic difference between the rooms. The 'Blue Room 1' being the brighter/louder of the two. Both have brand new 600w Yamaha PA's with inbuilt FX processors. Room 1 is fully equipped with Backline, consisting of drum kit, bass & guitar amplification, mic & electric piano. Please see our rates page for more details.


In addition to offering clients the rehearsal facility, we offer a fully equipped recording/track laying studio. This will be available at a  'including engineer' rate, or, for selected customers & experienced engineers, a 'self drive' option.

We appreciate that you may not require a 'start to finish' recording service, but instead, wish to mix your tracks in your own project studio or DAW etc. Just bring a USB storage device with you and download all recorded tracks. This will allow you to simply insert them into your own project for completion on your own system.

The studio can function in two different ways. Dedicated hardware or DAW configuration. The latter is based on Cubase 7  and can cater for any size track laying project, offering multiple monitor stations and up to 5 separate monitor mixes for recording musicians.  

A total of 3 separate recording rooms + further inter-room Isolation panels  will guarantee big studio capability. Full range monitoring by Tannoy & JBL  ensure the mix or individual outputs you take away with you will  sound as good at home as in the studio.

Please see the equipment page for a more detailed overview  and specification.

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Langlei Studios, recording studios in kent, rehearsal rooms in kent, practice rooms in kent,
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