Langlei Studios Services. 

Recording- from £40 per hour. Please see below for more info. 

Video - Pop and rock video shoots to go with your recording. From £40 per hour. Please ring to discus your project.

Band rehearsals -  £45 per 4 hour session. Please see our rates page.

Drum practice - From £7.50 per hour at certain times. Please call to check availability.

Mixing - As part of your booked recording session. Re-mixes or mix fixes from your supplied audio stems. From £30 per hour. Please ring for a quote.

Mastering - Again, as part of your recording package or from supplied audio. From £30 per hour.

Vocal & instrument pitch correction - Using the very latest software from Celemony, we can re-tune or correct imperfect vocal & instrument takes. This software even allows us to tune individual notes within chords performed on guitars, keyboards & other instrumentation. 

Drum replacement - If a recorded drum part fails to produce the right tone, punch or dynamic, we can either replace the problematic element or indeed the whole kit.  Often mixing a sampled kick or snare with the original part can achieve a much improved tone whilst retaining the integrity of the original drum part. 

Audio quantisation - Timing imperfections can have a terrible effect on the overall sound of a mix.  At Langlei Studios we use the latest software and audio warp technology to build tight, punchy & dynamic mixes. 

Recording parties - Children or adults, we offer the chance to experience a proper recording session. From children playing their pop star heroes to as yet undescovered instrumentalists. We guarantee an enjoyable time. Party food can also be provided. For discerning parents our staff are fully CRB checked. Please call for more information.

Production & arrangement - For those song writers and bands wanting that final professional finish to their work. Another creative process. A new set of ears & ideas.

Audio restoration - If you want that old treasured recording brought back to life then why not give it to us to remaster and clean up. Please ring for a quote.

Telephony and advertising audio - Modern business needs dedicated audio for their advertising & telephone systems. We can provide original backing tracks, purpose written for your company and in a style that you choose. We can also provide voice over audio, male or female, recorded using your script. Finished audio can be supplied in various file types, ready to upload straight into your system.

Batch file processing and conversion - Used for bulk conversion of audio files, renaming, equalization, dynamics & loudness normalization across multiple files.  Please ring for a quote.


Recording - If you are familiar with either traditional type recording equipment or working in a computer based DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) environment then you will feel at home in the langlei Studios control room, as the studio is fully equipped with both DAW  and dedicated hardware setups.


Computer based :

For those familiar with DAW recording there is a Xeon powered PC running Steinberg Cubase 7 64bit. Plugins include Waves platinum, Melodyne Studio, Ampeg SVX , Amplitube, Studio Devil, Line 6 POD Farm & Toontrack EZDrummer amongst others. Ins & outs are provided by the superb Allen & Heath ZR16 mixing desk. This offers up to 24 simultaneous recording tracks via FireWire, plus the option of traditional analogue EQ and access to our dynamics rack consisting of Drawmer & Alesis gates and compressors. Quick start templates with pre configured ins, outs, FX, control room & mixer configurations make it quick and easy to get up and running.
This is an incredibly creative & intuitive system which offers many great features. Pitch correction, quantization  arranger & chord tracks, MPC style sample triggering, Beat Designer, Groove agent & Loopmash, time warp, numerous tones and sounds via the many on board synths & 100's of guitar and bass amp syms. Add to this up to 5 separate monitor/cue mixes for the band and the ability to automate just about anything you can think of.  The only limitation with this awesome system is time and your own imagination!

To ease workflow further we have installed the Steinberg CC 121 which gives more than just a hint of that analogue tatctile feel whilst working in the DAW environment. With a fully motorised 100mm fader, rotary eq and the awesome Ai control knob, it has already proved a very nice addition to the control room.

Please visit our Youtube channel to view Steinberg's info on the above products.

Hardware based :
If computers aren't your thing, then we have the Alesis HD24 dedicated 24 track machine. Nice and simple to use with the ZEDR16. Simply plug in your mics & instrumentation and select the tracks you want to record onto. Mix down to 2 track on the desk adding reverbs and dynamics via the rack. This system provides for a maximum of 24 recorded tracks, 16 at mixdown. 24 bit, switchable 44/48khz sample rates, 2  monitor/cue mixes via AUX 1 & 2 + control room mix.
This is a nice and simple old school system with analogue elements.


Band rehearsals - Rehearsals are booked in 4 hour slots, 7 days a week. Slots run from the following times : 9.30am - 1.30pm, 2pm - 6pm & 6.30pm - 10.30pm. Please note that in order to reserve either studio for a regular rehearsal spot a £10 non refundable deposit will be required.  Please check our calendar  on the bookings page to check availability. 


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