Langlei Studios equipment list

​Computers & Software

Xeon processor multicore PC  using multiple screens.
Cubase 9.5 64 Bit
Wavelab 9.5 Pro 64 Bit
Celemony Melodyne Studio 3.2
Line 6 POD Farm
IK Multimedi T-Racks
Ampeg SVX amp simulator
Amplitube 3 amp simulator including Orange collection
Studio Devil amp simulator
Waves Platinum Including L3-16 Multimaximiser 64 Bit

Toontrack EZDrummer.

T-RackS Custom Shop Grand

Monitors & Amplification

Tannoy DMT12 (pair)

Studiospares Seiwin Powered Monitors (Pair)
JBL LSR 4328 (pair)

JBL LSR 4312SP Subwoofer
Omniphonics s300 POWER AMP
Alesis MEQ230
Behringer HA4700 POWERPLAY Pro XL 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier
Behringer HA400 Microamp 4 Channel Stereo Headphone Amp

Audio Interfaces/ control surfaces

Allen & Heath ZEDR 16 Fire wire mixing consul
Alesis HD24 Multi track recorder 
Line 6 POD X3 Pro
Alesis FirePort – 1394

Digidesign MBox 2

Steinberg CC 121

Alesis ADAT Mk1 x 2

Alesis BRC


3 x AKG C1000
3 x Sennhieser MD421   
AKG C451 Stereo pair  
AKG D112
Audio-tecnica ATM41HE
Audio-tecnica AT4040 
Beyer Dynamic  M700 TG
Shure Sm57 

Shure Beta 57A
4 x Shure SM58

Outboards Dynamics & Fx

BSS Active Di boxes x 2

Behringer Ultra-DI DI20 Professional Active 2-Channel DI-Box/Splitter
Drawmer DL241 Dual-Auto Compressor
Drawmer Ds201 Dual-Gate
Drawmer LX20 Dual Expander Compressor
Drawmer DL221 Dual  Compressor/Limiter
Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Alesis Quadraverb GT​​

Alesis Microverb 3

Alesis Midiverb 3

Alesis Quadraverb

Behringer PX3000 Patchbay


Guitars,  amps & cabs

Squire Stratocaster,
Washburn G-8V,
Yamaha FG700MS acoustic,
Aria Pro 11 Bass,
Line 6 Variax James Tyler
Laney Tube Fusion TF200 GTR Amp​​

Ashdown Mag C410-300 4 x 10 Combo Bass Amp 

Ashdown Mag C115-300 evo ii combo Bass Amp

Blackstar ID:260 TVP  GTR Amp

Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab 300W (Celestion G12-75's) X 2

Marshall 1960B 4x12 cab (1979)

Marshall JCM 900 100W Twin Reverb Valve Head X 2

Peavey Valve King 212 100W Combo

Peavey Valve King 100W Head & 300W 4x12 cab



​​​​​​​​​​M-Audio Oxygen 8 midi keyboard
Roland D50
Korg M1​​

Yamaha Clavinova electric piano


​​​​​​​​​​Beyer DT100 x 3

AKG K271



Yamaha EMX312SC Active Powered Mixer 600w x 2

Yamaha S115V - 15' speakers x 4




Mapex M Series Birch x 2

Shell packs consisting of : 22" Kick, 20"Kick, 8", 10", 12" & 14" Toms.

Paiste 101 + Zildjian ZBT cymbols & hi hat Packs.

Premier & Mapex Snares

Yamaha & mapex HH stands

Mapex hardware

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